Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash on the Cheap

The cost of mouthwash is too damn high. Jimmy McMillan may not have said those exact words, but he might as well have. The cost of two 32oz. bottles of Crest 3D White mouthwash (if you can tell me what is 3D about mouthwash you get a prize) is a few cents short of $10.00 at Sam’s Club as of this writing.  About a year ago I said enough with this nonsense and started making my own and haven’t looked back.

Hydrogen Peroxide Facts

Why do I bother?
1) Price

This stuff is basically hydrogen peroxide and some potentially carcinogenic sweeteners in a pretty bottle. I think I can get a similar result for way less.

2) Flavor

Have you ever seen a bottle of cinnamon mouthwash? Me neither — don’t let the man tell you what flavors to cleanse your mouth with. Personally I’m a spearmint man but almost all mouthwashes seem to be peppermint flavored. Mine is no different though; my wife hates cinnamon and prefers peppermint to spearmint, so guess which flavor of mouthwash I make — correct — peppermint. Someday I will taste the rainbow of other flavors… but not today.

3) Health

In a recent NIH study, hydrogen peroxide “markedly reduced the amount of plaque formed and significantly retarded gingivitis development.

Ingredients in my Crest 3D Mouthwash.


Here are a few of the ingredients that you’re avoiding by making your own H2O2 Mouthwash…

4) Simplicity

Easy ingredients you may already have around or a few clicks away on Amazon. As a matter of fact, the back of your hydrogen peroxide bottle already mentions use as a mouthwash. Here’s mine:

The back of my H2O2 bottle.

What You’ll Need:

I like to add my flavoring to the hydrogen peroxide first and then add the sweetener to make sure I get just the right flavor. For me that comes out to about 11 drops of flavor and about 1 tsp of stevia for an EXTRA punchy peppermint that is not overly sweet.

Give it a shot and leave your suggestions for other flavors or modifications in the comments. I’m sure I’ll continue to tinker with this recipe in the future.






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