Raspberry Pi WeMo Home Automation Control Center

WeMo PlugFor the last year I’ve had a Raspberry Pi that is always on mounted underneath my house. I power this device using PoE (Power over Ethernet) so there is literally a single ethernet cable that provides it with the ability to run for simplicity’s sake. This unit was the first Pi I had ever purchased so I’m a little nostalgic about it until you consider that I make it live in a crawlspace under my home.

While it is sitting under the house it’s performing a few vital services for me.

Service 1: Property Temperature Monitoring — Perhaps someday I’ll do a write up on this aspect.

Service 2: Amazon Dash Button Receiver

Service 3: Home Automation Control Center 

I have been meaning to write an article on Service 3 for some time. Of course I didn’t actually get around to doing it until there was a contest involved because it is a well known fact that I will do unspeakable things for free t-shirts. The write up on my Raspberry Pi Home Automation Control Center can be found on Instructables.com



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