I work as a Network Engineer by profession with a B.S. from RPI in Computer & Systems Engineering and Product Design and Innovation.

In my personal life I work on all kinds of hobbies and projects including electronics, computers, networking, linux, sys-administration, home automation, carpentry and woodworking to name a few.

A self professed jack of all trades and master of some; this blog is devoted to the projects and hobbies I burn countless hours of my spare time on.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi there! I’m the guy who bought your house, and also a programmer. First, thanks for the ethernet network, reading that CCNA book 7 years ago finally paid off. Second, I found a raspberry pi in the crawl space when I was putting patio furniture in there before Florence came through. Apparently you were logging atmospheric data? I managed to reset the pw on the “pi” user account, and was hoping to check out what info this little guy collected, but I can’t seem to access anyting without using one of the other accounts, I’m thinking probably ugmoe or saned? I realize there may be sensitive info, and that the pw might be one you’ve used multiple times (I used to work for a network security company and even I reuse passwords), but if it isn’t a sensitive pw any chance you could tell me what it is? If not, I totally get it. Anyway, thanks again, I gotta get back to coding.


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