I work as a Network Engineer by profession with a B.S. from RPI in Computer & Systems Engineering and Product Design and Innovation.

In my personal life I work on all kinds of hobbies and projects including electronics, computers, networking, linux, sys-administration, home automation, carpentry and woodworking to name a few.

A self professed jack of all trades and master of some; this blog is devoted to the projects and hobbies I burn countless hours of my spare time on.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi there! I’m the guy who bought your house, and also a programmer. First, thanks for the ethernet network, reading that CCNA book 7 years ago finally paid off. Second, I found a raspberry pi in the crawl space when I was putting patio furniture in there before Florence came through. Apparently you were logging atmospheric data? I managed to reset the pw on the “pi” user account, and was hoping to check out what info this little guy collected, but I can’t seem to access anyting without using one of the other accounts, I’m thinking probably ugmoe or saned? I realize there may be sensitive info, and that the pw might be one you’ve used multiple times (I used to work for a network security company and even I reuse passwords), but if it isn’t a sensitive pw any chance you could tell me what it is? If not, I totally get it. Anyway, thanks again, I gotta get back to coding.


  2. First of all I just wanted to say thank you for your wemocontrol repo. I’ve been using it to control a Wemo plug from a pi for a while now and it works perfectly. I am looking to get some Wemo light bulbs, but before I buy the starter kit I wanted to make sure your scripts are compatible with those too. I know it says on the repo that it is for the plugs and light switches, but I figured the bulbs, or rather the Wemo link that the bulbs use, works in similar fashion to the plugs and light switches. Do you happen to know if it would work for the light bulbs?


    1. Hey @TB glad the project has been of use to you. Unfortunately I don’t own any of the light bulbs to test with so I can’t really say if they would work with any certainty. If you test it let me know and I can update the readme to say as much!


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